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Image Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path

Clipping Path is the popular tool to remove the background of the photos.Isolation is the key feature. It makes the images approachable and professional. This sounds regular but, it’s quite a tricky task which is performed by experts. It is a Photoshop technique which enhances the appearance of the product image by making background spotless. It is used with such images which have sharp edges. It is majorly used for removing unwanted things from the targeted product image. There are different types of clipping paths which are used for different kind of editing in product image. They are:

  1. Simple Clipping Path Service
  2. Compound Clipping Path Service
  3. Medium Clipping Path Service
  4. Complex Clipping Path Service
  5. Super Complex Clipping Path Services.

These are the different level of clipping paths which not only helps to remove background but also helps in getting the transparent background.

Color Correction

Color-changing is the time-saving and money-saving type of effect. It changes the color of the same product to giveaway the efforts of shooting the same products and image several times just for the sake of colors. Color-changing is superiority helpful tool. It is helpful for the e commerce websites which need to show same product in different colors. It allows to recolor images and amazing effects can be applied to the product. It is also helpful in changing color of the background of the product so that the product color can be checked with different contrast background.

Image Color Changing Service Image Color Changing Service
Image Mannequin Service Image Mannequin Service

Invisible Mannequin

Invisible Mannequin effect hides the imperfections in an image. It allows your product to hold a particular size and shape that makes the image of the product realistic and professional, which create positive impression over the customers. Only an expert can do this job correctly as it takes the right amount of experience to use this tool. This effect hides the imperfections and flaunts the details. This is one effect which is also known as “Ghost Mannequin”, “3D mannequin” or “hollow man”. This may not be the word which is familiar to every individual but it is one of the most important key for designers and online marketers who use to display their products on E commerce websites

Image Masking

Image Masking is kind of the basic image editing effect. It is another tool for isolating but, it doesn’t compromise with the level of pixels of the image. It gives details to an image by enhancing the overall look of the photo. It is used to hide the flaws of the image of the product and enhances the image quality by sharpening only the required features of the product. It is also of different kinds, which is used to give different effects to the product image, they are:

  • Layer masking
  • Clipping mask
  • Alpha Channel masking
Image Hair Masking Service Image Hair Masking Service
Image Retouching Service Image Retouching Service

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching an image means making it appropriate to convey the right message to the right audience. It is a powerful tool to amplify the image at the higher level. You can remove unwanted objects and make your picture flawless. Through this tool you can make your product image presentable as it sharpens the features of the product. For this we use a set of tools in Adobe Photoshop like: Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp, Healing Brush, Patch and color Replacement. These tools are basically helps in repairing the image of the product and increase its desirability in customers.


Shadowing effect is generally utilized in the image editing. It is about to put the different shadows effect in the image to give it a natural and expert touch. Shadowing has the power to fill emotions in the image and make it communicable. Do you want that your product image looks like a plain board? Or you want to make it looks like real product. Get a proper real effect to the product image by Shadowing effect. It makes the product image with real feel. But it should be done by professionals only because if it is wrongly done then could ruin the product image and that eventually effects the companies’ image. So get it done with experts only.

Image Shadow

Additional Services

Image Scaling


Image Resizing


Image Croping